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What Makes Us Different

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We Built This For You

Time and energy are limited, and a cancer diagnosis can be expensive.  Integrative care in many cancer care clinics are minimal, non-existent, or not covered by insurance.

We want to help people who want to take an integrative approach to breast cancer care, but can't spend hundreds to thousands of dollars out of pocket for an appointment that is not covered by health insurance.  Nor have the time or energy to find and comb through the latest research to figure out what's legit and what they can be doing differently. 

About Us

We have come to Our Breast Care through intersecting journeys.  We have either been diagnosed with breast cancer; are caregivers and support systems for loved ones who have been diagnosed with breast cancer; and/or are board certified health care professionals who support people on their cancer care journeys.


Read more about our Doctor-in-Residence here.


Our Approach

We use evidence-based science, for example from The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and studies from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to give you the information you need in easy to understand and implement formats.  We provide you with references to the relevant research, from reputable sources, if you want to read more in-depth as well.


What resonates most with you, you can then discuss with your cancer care team and decide how to create an integrative self-care plan that you're comfortable and confident with. 


We make the process convenient and affordable. 

Things You Can Do

After a cancer diagnosis, things generally move quickly and a lot of information is thrown at you.  The last thing anyone wants is to be even more overwhelmed.

We want to do what's in our control for our health and wellness, and for our loved ones. 

We help you with this by presenting evidence-based research in quick and easy formats to help bring a sense of calm.  We also provide doable action steps so there's no guesswork on what to do next. 

We help lift the heavy weight. 

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