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Community Resources

*Continually Updated

Recipes for Health

We provide easy to make, delicious and nutrient-rich foods that support a whole foods plant based lifestyle.  Recipes contain evidence-based cancer-fighting ingredients. 

Community Forum

It's your journey and you need the space to do it your way.  So whether you're ready for support, or need some time to reflect, our Community Forum is always available to help support you at whatever speed is right for you. Our community is a safe, friendly, no-pressure place to connect with others facing similar situations.  You can engage whenever or however often you want - whether it's every day, every week or just once in a while. 

Mind-Body Wellness

Qigong, yoga, guided meditations, visual imagery, art for relaxation, sound for relaxation, breathing exercises and more.   Resources you can turn to anytime you need.


Special items we have used during our journey or that have been shared with us, that we also want to share with you. 


Exercises to support you.

Quality Time
Resources: Resources
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