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Diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

Whether you or someone close to you has been diagnosed; we're here to help.

There's no one-size fits all approach to breast cancer, but there are straight-forward (and) evidence-based actions you can start on your own right now that could help improve your wellness and quality of life.

A lot is coming at you very quickly.  We know.  We've been there. We're going to share in simple, easy steps how to proactively participate in your own integrative breast cancer journey, just as we learned ourselves...

one day and one step at a time

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Integrative Self-Care for Breast Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones

What is Our Breast Care's Integrative Self-Care?

Practical, comprehensive, holistic, accessible, and all evidence-based actions that you can do on your own for your health and wellness. 

We focus on:

Nutrition, Exercise, Mind-Body, Sleep, and Environment; all science-based to complement your cancer care.

What We Offer
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Several Options Our Members Love

Topic-Based Pathways:

Woman with Laptop

We've built pathways based on the highest quality of research that's out there to help you make informed decisions about your breast cancer care.
Our succinct and digestible pathways cover some of the most important topics our members have said they've needed to know on their journeys.

You can listen to or read the pathways - anytime, anywhere.

*Most Popular Option

Our Breast Care Chats:

Laptop & Coffee

Purposefully created, these chats are designed specifically to engage in informative, inspiring, and affirming conversations on topics related to cancer and care.
Think of these as coffees with knowledgeable and caring friends in a safe and comfortable space.

*Highly Recommended

Community Resources:

Man Using Tablet

One of the most important steps in our comprehensive, holistic approach to well-being has been to find resources that could support our lives for the better.
Whether you are newly diagnosed, going through treatment, a survivor, caregiver or friend of someone affected by cancer,
we share thoughtful resources we took a lot of time to research before using or found as treasures shared with us by others going through their integrative search for wellness and healing. 
We also have a supportive community made up of all people affected by cancer, which we welcome you to join.

These resources have helped us through our personal integrative experience with cancer and will hopefully help guide you along your journey.

*Do What's Right for You

What We Offer II
Relaxing with Music

Member Experiences


I am a breast cancer survivor and Our Breast Care has been a tremendous help in my cancer journey. The integrative self-care information is very useful and easy to navigate. I learned what questions to ask, and took some of the research with me to my appointments with my cancer care team.  We discussed the research (which they also agreed with) and I asked for their help with incorporating the research into my care plan.  They ended up including other experts from the hospital to join my team, especially with a nutritional focus.  Our Breast Care should be used by anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or anyone who is supporting someone on their breast cancer journey.

- Simone M.


During the course of my partner's breast cancer treatment, the doctors were rightfully focused on getting rid of the cancer, but we wanted to treat the whole body as well.  Our Breast Care has been a source of help and support for us. We learned best practices and challenges from other caregivers and were able to better navigate our cancer journey.  We concentrated on things we could do together, and that could also help us separately manage during this unique time: such as the meditations and visual imagery.  I highly recommend this membership for anyone who is the primary caregiver of someone diagnosed with breast cancer. We are grateful for Our Breast Care, thank you.

- Richard T.


My daughter was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and she expressed her want for integrative health care.  Our Breast Care was the perfect resource for us to get information easily for her to share with her oncologist, and for us to try things as a family for better health and wellness.  For example, she asked her oncologist for an appointment with a physical therapist so she could build on the exercises provided on Our Breast Care to support her before and after surgery.  Our family did the daily exercises together with her, and that experience brought us even closer together. 

- Bea W.

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We're always here for you.


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